Karnak Temples attract hundreds of tourists daily

 Karnak Temple Complex  It is a wonderful complex of beautiful, unparalleled temples. Karnak includes the temples of the god Amun, his wife, the goddess Mut, and her son, the god Khonsu. The construction of the temple began during the Middle Kingdom (around 2000 BC). During the era of the New Kingdom, to which King Tutankhamun […]

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Learn about the treasures of Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple The Temple of Edfu, or the Temple of Horus, is located 123 kilometers north of Aswan, in the city of Edfu. It is one of the most beautiful Egyptian temples. It is distinguished by the magnitude and splendor of its construction. The history of this temple dates back to the Ptolemaic era, and […]

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Discover Egyptian antiquities from the Nubia Museum

The Nubia Museum For location and area: The Nubia Museum was established in 1997. The museum is located within an archaeological area that is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Aswan. It also occupies a high hill next to the Nilometer. The Nubia Museum is located on an area of fifty thousand square […]

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Learn about the Ramesseum Temple and the kingdom of Ramesses II

The Ramesseum Temple The Ramesseum Temple is a funerary temple, located in the funerary city of Thebes in Upper Egypt, west of the Nile River, on the other side of the current city of Luxor. The Temple of Ramesseum is a funerary temple known as the Temple of Millions of Years and commemorates King Ramesses […]

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Secrets of the Temple of Khnum in Esna

 معبد خنوم  معبد خنوم بإسنا، المعروف أيضًا باسم معبد إسنا، مخصص للإله خنوم وزوجتيه منهيت ونبتو، وابنهما حكا، والإلهة نيث. وتتميز بجمال موقعها وروعة هندستها المعمارية. . ينقل معبد إسنا إحساسًا بالأهمية التي علقها المصريون القدماء على أماكن عبادتهم. طُلب من جميع المصريين الذين دخلوا حدود المعبد المصري “الامتثال لقواعد صارمة فيما يتعلق بطقوس الطهارة”. […]

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